Here is some Orders combat list !




July 23 2022 - 11:58 AM

orders combat none - clear all current combat

orders combat tank - bint addtckers to gaining threat

orders combat maintank - main attackers binder by gaining threat in raid situation

orders combat assist - assist target bot

orders combat heal - concentrate on healing (no attack, only self defense)

orders combat mainheal - concentrate on heal mai ntank (will ignore other target as long as MT need heal)

orders combat notmaintank - concentrate on healing except the main tank that will br ignored

orders combat nodispel - dont dispal anything

orders combat protect - combinable state: check if protecte is attacked

orders combat passive - bots do nothing

orders combat resistfire - resist fire

orders combat resistnature - resist nature

orders combat resistshadow - resist shadow

orders combat resistfrost - resist frost

follow - bot following you

stay - bot stay on your current position





September 20 2022 - 21:42 PM

Amazing, thank you


October 03 2022 - 12:07 PM

Hi, these commands are awesome, but why does my Hunter bot attack with melee? How do I make him use his bow? Also, how can I stop bots from spamming me with whispers? I have ignored them :D


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